Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Corporate Identity

For our corporate identity we had to develop a business for ourselves; including: a logo, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and promotional material.  This design process was extremely complex.  We had to figure ourselves out while trying to wrap our heads around the elements of design.  All this stress caused me to have a mini-life-crisis and question my future, style, crowd and so on and so forth.  After endless contemplation I decided I am indefinable and would follow through with that in my corporate identity.
The tree in my logo represents adaption, growth and life in general.  I tried to keep my corporate identity crisp and simple with an edge of fun.  There were a few tricky areas like incorporating the yellow.  It printed well but when viewed under fluorescent light or on screen it disappears so I decided to keep it for the presentation to continue with the theme but I would obviously never give a prospective client a yellow business card.  Over all the challenge was challenging but it taught me a lot and most importantly, I had fun.


  1. Thank you :) And thank you for all your help with my blog!