Monday, March 14, 2011

Personal Identity

Illustration is for most parts the funnest subject but this assignment I felt it to be unrelated and not so enjoyable.  Only when we had to present did I realise it was about expanding our conceptual thinking.  We first had do create a visual mind map, I personally dislike mind mapping and brain storming so I decided to make my text into a picture.  Next we had to hunt down the oldest looking photograph in our family albums and creatively insert a timeline into the photo.  This task emphasised my lack of knowledge about family affairs which resulted in learning interesting facts such as my granddad's uncle won a gold medal in the 1908 Olympics.  Impressive! 
We then had to obtain 5 people's signatures (not as easy as it sounds) and analyse them.  This I found this interesting but not fully believable because my definition of assume is: making an "ass" out of "u" and "me" but nevertheless I did it.  Finally we had to interview a member of the opposite sex.  Knowing males to keep things short and vague, my questions were specific and trapped my unwilling boyfriend into answering in full sentences.  Bravo to him for manipulating his words to avoid any trouble.  All these tasks were simple until we were instructed to present our work in a way that complements the idea of identity.  After many dull thoughts my friend pointed out that Facebook is the obvious choice so I incorporated my work into the Facebook layout and voila...

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  1. Correction: one of my best friends, Tanita Lee Tintinger :)