Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Iconic ME

I LOVE SLEEP!  Anyone who knows me, knows to wake me up, is to perform a miracle.  Last week sleep was extremely rare in my life but as any graphic student knows the feeling you get when all your hard work comes together exactly how you want it to, it's all worth it.

The first project we received as second years required us to do something I despise: self-evaluation.  I prefer to go with the flow and keep things simple but I'm also a diverse person, changing my mind every five seconds.  I decided this project was going to be a nightmare but yet again I was proved wrong.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Our assignments this year link all our subjects;  this is how "Iconic Me" was broken down:
Corporate Identity (Visual Communication)
Iconography (Practical Design)
Identity (Conceptual Studies)
Photographic Me (Photography)
Digital Me (Digital Design)

Big, very big!  So I am going to do individual posts for my work.

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